Fitness Training & Weight Loss Center

Here at Flex Fitness we understand that everyone has different needs and wants for their training program. We specialize in making custom programs to fit each clients personal goal(s). With everything from sports training to rehabilitation, Flex Fitness has the plan for you!


  • Increase Bone Density – Build Strength – Prevent Injury


  • Gain size – Lose weight – Tone your muscles – Whatever you want!
  • Resistance Training – Fat Burning Cardio – Clean Eating Diet


  • Find Your Center
  • Flexibility – Unconventional Core Work – Balance – Stability


  • Train your best to be the best
  • Speed drills – cardio intervals – bodyweight training – explosive movements


  • Push yourself to the next level
  • Fast paced resistance training – cardio intervals – core work


  • Don’t just put a bandaid on it – Fix it!
  • Stretching – Increase Circulation – Reduce Pain – Improve Range of Motion


  • No Starving Required!
  • Lose Weight – Nourish your Body – Increase Longevity – Create a Lifestyle

Our Personal Trainers Get Results

Personal trainers at our gym will get you fit, whether it is for health reasons or to get that great body you’ve always wanted.  Exercising or trying to diet alone is difficult and you miss out on an expert’s information and experience. Most Orange County gyms won’t know how to tailor a plan for you. We do!

The right personal training program will vary from person to person.  Everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to work out and eat better, and everyone starts at a different level of health and fitness.  Figuring out exactly what your fitness goals are (and the best way to achieve them) is part of the job of a trainer, but you should do some thinking about the basics beforehand.  Do you want to exercise for strength, muscle mass, or both?  If you want to train for stamina and endurance, is that to run a marathon or just to keep up with the grand kids or perhaps have a bit more energy?  Do you just want to loose a few pounds, or go all the way to lean and ripped?

Thinking about the amount of time and effort you’re truly willing and able to commit to, your personal trainer will make things easy. With your personal trainer you’ll be setting some targets (goals with deadlines), which will be realistic so that you won’t get discouraged. Then your personal trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why Personal Trainers Orange County?

Personal trainers in Orange County get you the best results.  That’s the bottom line.  If you’re not sure how to get started, if you’re tired of repeatedly failing diet and exercise programs, or if you’ve hit a brick wall in working out then you can most certainly benefit from a personal trainer.

Like most places in Southern California, looks are important in Orange County and good health is paramount everywhere.  Good personal trainers provide many benefits beyond motivation and accountability and will do a lot more than push you for “one more.”  He or she will watch your form and coach you so that you get the most out of your workouts while minimizing your risk of injury.  Most importantly, your trainers will create a personalized program just for you.  This program will match both your goals and your current body.  Your trainer will keep your workout varied week-to-week to keep you from becoming bored, and to keep your body challenged and making progress. They will also work with you on your diet for weight loss and body-building nutrition, as well as other aspects of your health.

OC Personal Trainers

Few things feel better than meeting weight-loss, endurance, strength, or muscle-building goals.  Whether one-on-one or in a group, having a trainer gives you the best chance of helping you achieve your goals.  Our trainer is experienced because he works with many people just like you to maximize progress and to keep everything on track.  This includes exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.  Achieving a significant body-changing goal will change your opinion of yourself, and this will change your life.  After working with our personal trainer many people come to realize that they can be more in control of their lives than they previously thought.

Get Moving

Do you want to look and feel your best? Then now is the time to start, or renew your commitment.  Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our personal trainers in Orange County and get the most results in the least time.