Should You Work Out When You’re Sore?

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  • Dec 14 2018

It’s happened to all of us—you wake up the day after a workout with sore arms, sore legs, sore everything. You’ll find yourself asking one of the most common questions in fitness: should you work out when you’re sore, or spend the day recuperating in front of the TV? The short answer: you should still hit the gym. Here’s how to do it:

Do a “recovery” cardio work out

If you did a ton of bicep curls yesterday, you may not want to do the same thing today. However, you should still work out! Instead of focusing on building muscle by creating micro-tears, focus on improving circulation by doing some cardio: running, swimming or using the exercise bike.

Work alternate muscles

You actually do need 24 to 48 hours of rest to alleviate sore muscles. However, this doesn’t mean vegging out! What it means is that you should give the muscles you worked yesterday a break while working out a different part of your body—alternating between arm work outs and leg work outs, for example.

Eat some protein

Reduce muscle soreness by eating a high-protein snack right after your work out, such as a hardboiled egg or a protein shake.

Do yoga

For those days when everything hurts, do some yoga to stretch your muscles, rev up your circulation and re-center your mind.

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