Four Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Gym Motivation Tips
  • Sep 13 2018

We’ve all had days when we just don’t feel like working out. Whether it’s the temptation to hit snooze, the siren song of Netflix and a bag of chips, or a jam-packed weekend, it can be difficult to stay motivated to hit the gym. However, sticking to a consistent routine is essential to your fitness and overall health.

Here’s how to stay motivated to workout:

Try the buddy system

If a friend is counting on you to meet up for that early morning sweat session, you’re less likely to skip your workout. Pick a workout buddy and schedule regular workouts together or sign up for group exercise classes at your gym. Bonus: a little friendly competition will motivate you to work harder.

Have fun

You’re more likely to stick to an exercise program you enjoy, so think outside the box and find what you love. Try something new, like hip-hop dance, yoga-barre fusion or trail running. Make sure to mix things up so you don’t get bored—try different workouts on different days of the week.

Set goals

Losing weight is a great goal, but if you set goals related to the workouts themselves you’ll stay more motivated. See if you can lift slightly heavier weights each week or shave a few seconds off your 5K.

Choose a great gym

When you love your gym and the trainers who work there, you’re less likely to miss a workout. If you’re in the Orange County area, check out Flex Fitness. Contact us today for your free three-day trial pass and find out how we do more than train clients—we transform them!

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