Five Crucial Everyday Stretches

Essential Stretches
  • Mar 28 2019

You probably already know that stretching is an essential part of your fitness routine. It helps maintain a full range of motion, increases flexibility, decreases pain and soreness, improves athletic performance, and just feels good!

Here are some everyday stretches to incorporate into your pre- and post-exercise routine:

Downward dog

Not just for yoga class, this classic stretch is a multitasker. Not only does it improve hip and shoulder mobility, but it also stretches the calves, hamstrings, deltoids and lats.

Runner’s stretch

If your job involves long periods of sitting, chances are you have tight hip flexors and hamstrings. Stretching them out decreases your risk of lower back pain.

Forward fold

Here’s another great stretch for tight hamstrings. Make sure to bend your knees enough that your chest touches the tops of the thighs to avoid putting pressure on the lower back.

Chest stretch

Tightness in the chest leads to poor posture and back pain. Fortunately, you can easily stretch your pec muscles with the aid of a door.

Spinal twist

Lie down, cross one knee over the other, and move the knees to the right while looking to the left. Stay here for a few breaths, then reverse. You’ll feel more mobility in your spine, not to mention a sense of ease and relaxation.

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