Professional Trainer & Bodybuilder


What’s up everyone, my name is Steven Zaza and I am a Professional Bodybuilding Coach and Trainer. I specialize in personal training, bodybuilding, nutritional and hormonal sciences coaching. 

I have done 7 bodybuilding shows with one overall title, as well as have coached many amateur and professional athletes in their sports, including bodybuilding, modeling, MMA fighting, powerlifting and a few more. I used to play many other sports, such as wrestling, soccer, and tennis.

My passion is to help people achieve their physical and performance goals and then some. My methods are extremely specific and focus on my understanding of how to manipulate the human body with dedicated athletes. I have been able to make some truly amazing things happen which fulfills each athletes fitness goals. I love helping everyone achieve their fitness and physique goals, but my favorite people to work with are people that have more extravagant expectations and want to push themselves to the max. 

I started out bodybuilding myself and my original goal was to push my own physique to its limits. However with time, I realized being on the coaching side of things was more my speed. It made a lot more sense for me to replicate my methods with many more talented athletes, rather than just myself.

Besides bodybuilding, you’ll find me at music festivals. I enjoy good food (in moderation) and Video games are always a fun activity. I keep things pretty lax and have an informal relationship with most of the people I work with. I like being friends with everyone. Let’s run it.




What inspired you to train?

I loved the feeling of progressing in the gym. Training for bodybuilding feels so powerful it becomes addicting. When you train in a organized fashion with everything in alignment you can do some crazy things with your physique. 

What are your favorite exercises?

Chest Presses that get me a crazy chest pump. Heavy Leg exercises that challenge my mortality.

What nutrition do you prefer most?

Steak Rice and Pineapple will do it for me. Good supplements are the basics like glutamine, Good protein powder, pre-workout.

How often do you personally compete?

I train 5/6 days per week. Compete an average of about once per year. I have competed 7 times.

What do you enjoy outside of training?

Traveling, music festivals, video games, and food if I’m not on a diet.


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