Professional Trainer


Hello there! I’m Kourosh and I’m glad to share both my journey and vision with you. My vision is clear. I’m here to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and unmatched support to help you achieve the body you desire. But more importantly, the life you will soon truly deserve. Born in Iran, my journey in the fitness industry began with the childhood dream of mine to become a professional soccer player. I pursued this without a doubt in mind and played for LA Galaxy’s Youth Team. Next, I ventured to Europe where I worked my way into the First Division and was living my childhood dream. But inevitably, and like everyone, I had to face my own adversity when I sustained a career ending back injury. Even worse, that back injury inhibited my ability to even walk. Meanwhile, doctors immediately pushed for multiple surgeries to be performed. With extensive thought and weighing everyone’s expertise, I ultimately decided rehabilitation was the right path for me. I was referred to the clinic where I would start my new journey. As my progress grew, my infatuation with the process grew even larger and while recovering I began my internship with that very same clinic that helped me on my road to recovering against many doctors’ odds. There, I obtained certifications in personal training with a specialization in corrective exercise. Armed with a body of knowledge, my burning desire to grow further led me to bigger fitness clubs where I could now help as many people as I could handle with their own unique goals. In due time, my newfound passion for fitness propelled me into reaching the title of Fitness Manager where I developed teams of trainers to ensure client success for the next few years. Now, back to why all that matters to you. My vision isn’t just about helping you look good, but instead FEEL your absolute best too; inside & out. I believe in a more holistic approach that combines specific weight training along with the development of your mental strength too. Together, we’ll find that balance beyond the walls of the gym as we work together every step of the way!



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