Professional Trainer


Hi, I’m Denver. After facing a near-death experience in 2015, and soon reaching my heaviest at 270 lbs due to post-trauma struggles like anxiety, and depression, I began my  fitness journey. Initially, I struggled with basic workout programs and little progress until finally seeking help from a fitness coach. That coach unlocked the world of fitness for me; empowering me to drop 70 lbs within the following year.

This life changing transformation uncovered my true passion of helping others reach even greater heights of success. My transformation just so happened to inspire my father who too struggled with his weight at 343 lbs. After coming to me for advice and I, not knowing anything more than what I learned from my own weight loss experience, my father successfully dropped 100 lbs within the next 8 months! With our success and my burning passion led me to becoming a certified personal trainer and eventually the General Manager of commercial gyms, leading teams and fulfilling my passion through serving clients with incredible results to their unique goals.

From someone who’s been there both physically and mentally, I’m passionate about helping you, no matter the starting point. My story proves that everyone deserves a second chance. I share it to inspire you to believe in your own abilities and dedicate my life to helping you create the future you want and will soon deserve!

Embrace your second chance and let’s create a more beautiful, fulfilling, and authentic life together. It’s never too late to begin your transformation!



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