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While for many becoming fit is a large enough goal in and of itself, for others the thrill of competition is enticing. If you fit into the latter category, you are probably intrigued by the idea of not only being the best you can be, but of comparing yourself to others who follow as strict an exercise regimen as you do.

There are numerous competitions within easy travel distance of our Flex Fitness club in Laguna Hills, and, of course, many more throughout the country and the world. As with most disciplines, with bodybuilding, figure and bikini competitions, it is best to start small to get a feel for how you measure up against your peers. At Flex Fitness, our personal trainers are eager to guide you in the direction you choose. If that direction involves competition, our staff of professionals has the know-how, the cutting-edge equipment, and the commitment to assist you in becoming a fierce contender.

While many organizations present competitions of bodybuilding and fitness for both men and women, the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) sets the standard for bodybuilding competitions of various types. There are many different contests offered by the IFBB — here are some of the major competitions.

IFBB Competitions for Men: Bodybuilding

The organization expects athletes to train to:

  • Develop all body parts and muscles to maximum size while maintaining balance and harmony throughout the body as a whole
  • Have no weak spots of underdeveloped muscles
  • Decrease body fat to its lowest possible level
  • Remove underskin water to show muscle density, separation and definition
  • Have an optimal physique: broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, shorter upper body

How Competitors Are Evaluated

The IFBB competitors are evaluated in two physique assessment rounds during which they assume seven poses while barefoot and wearing speedos. Three to eight athletes of a particular weight class (there are seven weight classes in all) appear before several judges. There is also a round during which competitors assume both required and free poses with background music of their own choosing. During three of these artistic rounds, the judges put the competitors in order according to their own critical preferences.

Classic Bodybuilding

Another category in which one can compete is classic bodybuilding, a variation designed for male athletes who don’t wish to overly develop their muscles, but prefer to be well-toned in a lighter manner. Divided into groups by height, these competitors are judged not by muscle mass, but by overall physique, body proportions and lines, muscle shape and condition (body fat, density, and definition). As in the bodybuilding assessments, these men also perform poses to music they have chosen.

Men’s Physique

This category of competition targets men who do some weightlifting, eat a healthy well-balanced diet and keep themselves fit, but who do not feel that it’s necessary to engage in extreme muscle build-up. These contestants are eager to display proper shape, symmetry, and an athletic, rather than overly muscular, physique. In the competitions for this category, the judges look for overall good condition, attractive tone, and stage presence. Those looking to compete is this contest should have stage presence, poise, and give off an aura of self-confidence.

IFBB Competitions for Women

Over the years, intense bodybuilding for women has become less popular. Less emphasis has been put on high-intensity weight training and hard, lean muscles.
Since 1996, there has been a competition in place for women who prefer a less muscular, yet athletic and attractive physique, similar to a model’s.

As with their male counterparts, part of the contest involves the women showing their physiques in motion. The Women Fitness category emphasizes shapely, athletic physiques which are evaluated judges who watch them pose in four quarter turns, and then assess their athletic ability as they perform a dynamic fitness routine. Competitors are judged on the basis of:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • High tempo
  • Technical perfection
  • Elegance
  • Grace

Women’s fitness is divided into two categories differentiated by height. Since this competition is a physique sport as well, there are also two artistic routine rounds during which participants perform four quarter turns in bikinis. Judges assess their figures and body contours — bodypart shape, body fat level, body firmness and muscle tone — as well as their overall stage presentation. The later is based on self-confidence, poise, and coordination of movements.

Women Bodyfitness

Since 2002, the IFBB has had a competition for women based solely on physique which has become more and more popular each year. Women who compete now have the possibility of showing their figures in motion during an onstage presentation called “I-walking.” At present there are two rounds of quarter turns in a bikini and stiletto pumps followed by a quarter turn as a group.

The bases on which the women are judged include:

  • Overall athletic appearance
  • Symmetry of well-developed physique
  • Muscle tone and shape, minimal amount of fat
  • Hair, makeup, poise, grace
  • Style of presentation

This women’s sport category is appealing to many well-shaped women who work out at Flex Fitness and follow our healthy sport diet. Like other women’s fitness categories, participants are classified according to height.

At Flex Fitness, we are up to the task of helping you train for local or big time competitions. You may be interested but not feel ready yet, in which case we will help you get up to speed, or you may be ready to get your feet wet in which case we will assist you in working strenuously toward your goal. Whether you decide that competitive bodybuilding, fitness, or physique is something you want to pursue, we are here to serve your particular needs. Please contact us today to see if we are the gym for you!