Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches

At Flex Fitness we are focused on transforming each one of our clients into the person he or she wants to become — strong, well-toned, fit and full of optimal energy. We are committed to treating you as a unique individual, listening to you and evaluating you carefully to determine which workouts are best suited to your particular needs. When you enter Flex Fitness, you will be aware that you are arriving at a special fitness club, not only one that is modern, clean, and well-staffed, but one that caters to people who are serious about accomplishing their goals. Many of our clients, for example, are competitors in bikini and figure contests, even professional bodybuilding competitions as well as normal day-to-day people like yourself.

Full Line of Personal Training Equipment

At Flex Fitness, we offer a broad range of personal training equipment, each designed to exercise and strengthen different sets of muscles and all helpful in giving you the cardiovascular workout your body craves. Our experienced professionals are ready to give you assistance in selecting the machines or devices that will accomplish your goals, whether your goals involve building up your endurance, losing weight, decreasing your stress level, or tightening your abs. When you come to our gym, you have your choice of working on any of the following kinds of equipment:

  • Powerlifting platforms          
  • Tires and sledge hammer   
  • Treadmills
  • Kg weights
  • Huge dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Sleds and bear walk sled
  • Ellipticals
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Chains
  • TRX
  • Resistance Bands
  • Weightlifting benches
  • Ropes
  • Trap bars
  • Monster leg press
  • Wall balls
  • Medicine balls
  • Ab wheels
  • Pull-up bars
  • Cable machines

Getting You into the Right Routine

Our personal trainers are well-prepared to assess your physical condition and any particular weaknesses you may have before starting you on an exercise regimen. We are aware of how important it is to start at a comfortable level and help you gradually build up your muscles as well as your stamina. As much as encouraging you to reach new levels of strength and endurance, we are also dedicated to preventing you from causing yourself serious injury since, as we all know, this will set you back rather than help you progress. “No pain no gain” is not only a catchy slogan, but overdoing a workout to the point that you require a period of lengthy recuperation is never beneficial.

It is important that you keep us informed about your habits when you are not in our gym so that we can help to direct you to keeping within the boundaries of a healthy routine. Our trainers also need to know if you have any areas on your body that you know to be weak, whether congenitally, from lack of use, or from a previous injury. We know the right workouts for those with weak backs, shoulders that have been dislocated, and Achilles tendons that have been ruptured. We will work with you to make sure that you take it easy with the parts of you that are most vulnerable.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Part of personal training involves being properly nourished and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The staff at Flex Fitness includes diet and nutrition specialists who are ready not only to design a workout program especially for you, but to select meal plans that will keep your caloric content at the appropriate level while making sure that you are taking in the fundamental nutrients you need to fuel your body and keep your immune system in good working order.

They will explain to you why it is important to nourish yourself with the proper amount of protein, whole grains, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals while you are working hard to slim down or bulk up. At the top of the list of what to remember when you’re expending lots of energy is to stay hydrated. Taking in enough fluid during each day is crucial to maintaining your health.

Joining us at Flex Fitness in Laguna Hills, California (right near Lake Forest) is the right thing to do. The sooner you join us, the sooner you will get on track to improve your appearance, your health, and your self-confidence.