Hack Squat
Hack Squat
Hack Squat

Hack Squat by Legend Fitness

Whether you are a beginner or advanced; this machine is great for building and strengthening your:
Lower body
* Quads
* Hamstrings
* Glutes
* Calves
Upper body
* Lower back
* Core
How does it work?
Once you set yourself up on the machine with your desired weight, place your feet in the middle of the platform (shoulder width apart). You will now be in a standing position and slightly angled. Release the safety locks and lower the machine until your legs are in a 90 degree angle or as low as your glutes can reach. Once you have reached your lowest point, you will want to push off with your heels while focusing and maintaining tension in your hamstrings and glutes.

If you are experiencing pre existing pain in your knees or lower back we recommend that you do not use this as it will cause more pain and possibly damage your tendons/ligaments.
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