Personal trainers here at Flex Fitness will create a personalized program just for you based on your individual goals.

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Flex Fitness is Orange County’s premier gym for your fitness training and workout routines. We have been voted the #1 gym in the OC. It's the perfect gym for everybody and anybody. We also specialize in athletes, bodybuilders, models and anybody who professionally competes.  We are the gym for you if you are looking to get serious about your training to build strength and a toned physique. 

Our premium fitness center is located in Laguna Hills, Ca. We provide expert personal training. All of our athletic trainers are nutrition specialists and can help with a personal diet plan for our valued fitness-centered clients and members.

Our Story

By combining his extremely high standards, strong work ethic and years of experience. Tony Nammari, founder of Flex Fitness, has created Orange County’s Premier Bodybuilding gym. Flex Fitness was born from a desire for something more and to provide something better.


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Robert Phipps

Trainer / Assistant Manager
2015 is when I joined Flex fitness and really started to take fitness seriously. When I started to see a change in my body and actual results; the gym became my second home. In 2018 I was introduced to competing in men’s physique, and that’s when my passion for fitness and helping others held a special place in my heart. I wanted to know more about the body and how the muscles and tendons work, so I started taking kinesiology classes at Saddleback College. Since then, my passion has grown significantly and I enjoy helping others reach their goals and results. I specialize in men’s physique training, men’s physique posing and bodybuilding

Body Transformation & Personal Training

At Flex Fitness we are focused on transforming each of our clients into the person he or she wants to become — strong, well-toned, fit and full of optimal energy. We are committed to treating you as an individual, listening to you and evaluating you carefully to determine which workouts and nutritional programs are best suited to your particular needs.

Flex Fitness Body Transformation
Flex Fitness is Goal Oriented

Our Clientele Is Goal-Oriented

When you first enter Flex Fitness, you will immediately be aware that you are arriving at a special fitness club, one that caters to people who are serious about accomplishing their goals. Many of our clients, for example, are competitors in bikini and figure contests, or participate in professional bodybuilding competitions run by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), the governing organization of this discipline. Nonetheless, you needn’t have such high expectations to enjoy and benefit from our services. No matter who you are or what your state of fitness is, we promise to help you become your very best self.

Set For Success

At Flex Fitness, we are committed to providing you with an ambiance that is conducive to excellence. If you are a discriminating consumer, we’re sure you will be delighted with our facilities which you will find to be fastidiously maintained. Not only is our establishment modern, clean, and immaculate, but it is well-staffed with qualified, knowledgeable, conscientious personnel. Our gym is always kept at a comfortable temperature level, one conducive to exercise. In addition, we are outfitted with unique equipment imported from Europe, equipment not found in other clubs. Your privacy and comfort are important to us so our showers are individual as well sanitized and well-stocked with soap and towels.Our premium fitness center is located in Laguna Hills, right next to Lake Forest, CA. We are a quality gym focused on providing expert personal trainers, athletic trainers, and diet/nutrition specialists for our valued fitness-centered clientele.

Flex Fitness mean success
Flex Fitness maximizes your fitness

How We Help You Maximize Your Time With Us

Our personal trainers are true professionals, experienced with clients of various body types, backgrounds, needs, and goals. They are equally prepared to help you achieve personal fitness for optimal health or to move you ahead in your role as a staunch competitor. Flex fitness provides you with:

• An all-inclusive customized coaching program

• Personalized workout routines

• Guidance to help to achieve and maintain cardio fitness

• Diet plans focusing on macronutrients

• Meal prep services

• Recommendations of supplements tailored to your specific needs

• Weekly adjustments adapted to your body’s responses

• Unlimited email or text communication with your coach

We are always concerned with your overall well-being, so we will never advise you to use any exercise regimen, diet, or supplements that we have not thoroughly investigated and personally found to be advantageous. As soon as you become a member of Flex Fitness, you become a priority for us. We will help you plan a fitness and diet routine that will work in your particular case and assist you in maintaining a healthy regimen by monitoring you with check-ins and progress reports. Whether you are just beginning a fitness program, are a proficient athlete, or are already a relentless competitor, our staff will provide you with the excellent service you deserve.

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